IBCP was established to help clients better utilise their property assets in the pursuit of new business development and profit growth.

This is achieved using a signature hybrid process which centres around prescriptive analytics of a client’s business model alongside their existing property assets. In this way we can mathematically optimise key parts of a plan to deliver the desired outcome.

Typically, our approach enables us to bring together different elements of planning into a single process. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Cash flow, costs and revenues 

Financial and non-financial measures 

Finance & operations 

Functions & business processes 

Property assets

Sales and marketing

Strategy / Outcomes & business processes 

Supply & demand

The role of IBCP in this process is to balance these different objectives in a way that achieves the best overall result.

We have combined integrated business planning with our specialist property knowledge to re-order, redevelop and in some cases relaunch our clients’ companies.

At IBCP we have over 45 years combined property industry and integrated business planning expertise, with specific skills in acquisitions, business-wide change support, construction management, marketing, operational and performance design, project development, sales and operational planning and strategic investment.